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January 24, 2009


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Very interesting comparison to Woodstock. I too was in Europe in 1969 and regretted missing Woodstock (every single friend of mine attended). I did go to the concert on the Isle of Wight at the end of August 1969 but that did not compare to Woodstock. Just wanted you to know that the euphoric aura of the inauguration that you have described was clearly evident on TV. I regret missing it and am delighted for you and Daniel that you experienced it first hand.


Thanks so much, Ron. I felt incredibly grateful to be there with Daniel. And even if the memory of the inauguration fades over time, he will NEVER forget our walk!
Also just happened to read about a blogger who was in DC and asked people to choose words describing how they felt. They chose "Woodstock" words: love. hope. etc.
FYI: http://www.emilytroutman.blogspot.com/

katie schwartz

Again with the chills.

Seriously, I am in awe of what Obama has created, I still can't even put it into words. He infused the world with hope and galvanized the nation to be of service and to dare to dream.

I'm so happy you were there - what an incredible opportunity.

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