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January 30, 2009


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Susan Hamilton

I thoroughly agree with your perspective, and totally enjoy your concept with this blog. Proud of your attitude, no doubt a contributor to you health! I look forward to keeping up with you, and yeah, this Obama love is creepy to some extent, SO hope we aren't disappointed. Seems like a good man, tho, and so far I really like him. Hope the stimulus plan isn't bogus, need to read it. ALL the R's turned it down, that either means it's a bad idea, or our R's are really messed up! Later,


Thanks Susan for your sympathetic outlook on my Obama obsession. I'm sure it will fade over time--like any other passionate love affair. I'm sure even I won't agree with everything he does---but think it will remain wonderful to me just having him in the White House.


Newsweek just arrived in the mail. The cover is a picture of Obama smiling--despite the problems facing him as he assumes office. I had to laugh at the headline: "I've Got it Bad"... . "


I think we adore him like a second love - you know he isn't perfect, but his flaws only add to the appeal because we see him as human. And yeah, there would've been a celebration no matter what because W sucked that bad.


Ah yes, I can so identify with the way you feel, Darryle. Yes, he is just a man. But that is what makes him sooooo easy to like, he is intelligent yet humble> He has never promised us a rose garden. He and Michelle keep reminding the American public that change is not going to happen over night!


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