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January 26, 2009


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Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

My wife stopped celebrating, or even publicly acknowledging, her birthday shortly after we married. Since our birthdays are eleven days apart--hers comes first--we have continued to celebrate mine and implicitly celebrated hers.

Today is the Chinese New Year, the beginning of Year of the Ox. Both of us were born in that Chinese year, as well as under the same Zodiac sign, Aries. For two people who have so much in common, we still have a lot of differences (e. g., she's the neat one, and I'm the pack rat).


I can understand why hitting a moving ball is so hard. But I found it extremely disheartening to discover I couldn't hit one that was lying peacefully on the ground. (I also attempted golf for uxorial reasons. I've still got the clubs -- untouched for 8 years -- but not the husband.)

But I'm with you on birthdays. They require celebration.


Does V ever mention--with longing or not--your playing another round or two? Or was the gesture enough for him as well?


Mark, very interesting to think about the Chinese new year. V and I are born in the same calendar year but NOT the same Chinese year---which possibly explains why we have absolutely NOTHING in common.

Which is the perfect segue back to golf---unlike Duchess I gave up the clubs and kept the husband.
And since I hope to continue keeping him, I hope he's telling the truth--that my one round of golf was enough for both of us.


PS-- Duchess-- In the future I will keep a dictionary handy for your comments---I had no idea the word "uxorial" meant "wifely." The English always SOUND so much smarter than Americans--since they speak the language so beautfully. And now I'm thinking you guys really must BE smarter over there. LOL.

Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

I am always tickled by George Bernard Shaw's observation that "England and America are two countries divided by a common language." Sometime ago I learned that Noah Webster, our Founding Lexicographer Father, intended it that way for patriotic, as well as practical, purposes. He reasoned that if Americans spoke in a way that was readily distinguishable from their kindred in the UK, His Majesty's agents would no longer be able to press our citizens into naval service by claiming they were fugitive subjects of the Crown. So, the former colonies and the motherland have trod their own linguistic paths ever since. Of course, all the immigrants from elsewhere around the globe have also contributed their distinctive melodies to the chorus of American English.

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