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December 19, 2008


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I'm not good with the "cooking/baking" thing,
either, which is perhaps why I got it into
my head to make a cake every time my son came
home from college (thank God, he's graduated

I don't make a good cake.

But it made me feel wonderful to see it on the
cake stand, all lopsided and pathetic.

All of which is to say: channel the anxiety into a cake. Be sure to lick ALL the batter.

Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

"It's not like anyone is taking attendance."

[Annoying buzzer sound] Thank you for playing, Ms. Darryle, but that was the wrong answer! Although I am not teaching at present, I never stopped taking attendance. Since you hooked me, I need to read your column every day, just as I do the local newspaper. Sorry, you created this monster, and you have to keep feeding the beast!


Hey, I am taking attendance too.

I stopped by because I thought you might enjoy this counter for your blog: http://www.backwardsbush.com/

I always feel irrationally happy when all my children are home and in their beds. Hasn't happened in a couple of years, but at least my lovely daughter will be back from Africa on Sunday. (Unlike some, I do know it is a continent, but she has been travelling for 3 weeks and I don't actually know where she is.)


Well I am rushing out to head for San Francisco airport with no time to bake a cake. Great idea though, Jody, and think I'll pick some apples off our tree tomorrow to bake a pie. Or three.
Meanwhile as for you two taking attendance.... I was such a goody-goody I never skipped school in real life. So I guess it's too late to start skipping now.
PS Duchess thanks for the counter: love it. I haven't had my kids under the same roof either for a year and know just what you mean. But glad to hear your daughter is heading home. A Midwest blizzard is tame compared to wandering around Africa.


I absolutely love how much you adore your kids. I hope they realize how truly lucky they are to have a Mom like you. Tell them they can always call me if they want to hear what it feels like to have parents who were the polar opposite. Actually, this the second time I am writing this comment (it seems the first got lost in cyberspace). In my first comment I asked you to please let us know that Daniel arrived home safe and sound. (Having read your latest entry, I now know all is well and that you are reveling in the joy of having your family and their friends together for the holiday). Peace and love (how 60's) and all things wonderful to you and yours.


Thanks Ron and it makes me feel great knowing that my love for my kids comes thru cyberspace so clearly that you can feel it . Also feel sad that you didn't know that as a child---but it's apparent that didn't prohibit you from becoming a caring and sensitive adult. Thanks so much for your thoughts and wishes and the same to you for the holidays. Peace and love might sound 60's but sound pretty good to me right now.

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