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December 13, 2008


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ByJane's 10 Christmas Confessions:
#s 1, 7, 9, and 10 -- ditto
#2 - no to the kosher home; yes to the Christmas stuff
#3 no to the dinner at the inlaws - wait, do my stepkids count? then yes to #3
#4 Along with the stockings and presents, my parents also furnished very nice trees every year.
#8 When I was a kid, my Catholic friends taught me to bob my head when I sang Jesus's name in a carol.
#10 I love the Christmas joy of buying everything on Christmas Eve--plus, the prices are good.


By gosh, ByJane, amazing how we've never met in person yet have so much in common.

Why did you bob your head? There weren't too many Catholics around to teach me that stuff--since I grew up on Miami Beach.

In fact Confession #11:
I lived near St. Patrick's and my secret desire all through childhood was to attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.


#11 - My sister, my cousins and I went to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Pittsburgh.

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