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November 05, 2008


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Chris Campbell

"with the possible exception Michelle's dress." What did you think of her makeup? What about her shoes? Shame on you, kiddo. Looks like we haven't come a long way after all.


Ouch. So here is full disclosure--and probably TMI:
After being wholesomely patriotic for several days in a row, I must have felt a subconscious need for some snarkiness to break up the sappiness. Sorry it landed on Michelle--since one of the ironies of your comment is how much I admire EVERYTHING about her. Including the fact that she shops at J.Crew and looks normal--and I don't care what she wears as long as she is wearing it in the White House.
I did hesitate momentarily before publishing that remark--and now that you so publicly pointed it out it's too late to un-publish it. So I can only defend it half-heartedly: I was writing in the middle of the night with a headache from a potent mixture of wine and tears, while at the same time I was on the phone with Alli who was panicked over Prop 8...and, mostly, I'm just shallow.


I too feel a sense of excitement over Barack's momentous victory and yet a heightened anxiety over the future of our great country. The task at hand is daunting but I truly believe that he is up to the task. Finally, I am in total agreement with your comment about McCain's concession speech. I too feel it was by far his best speech of the campaign delivered with a sincerity and warmth that heretofore was not readily apparent.

Chris Campbell

Hey, I didn't mean to be snarky myself...I just have a deep, deep exhaustion about the way that the appearance of a woman still appears to be the primary thing for which she's judged. Even by--or perhaps even ESPECIALLY by--other women. So I've decided that maybe it makes sense to pipe up about it from time to time.


I love having some controversy here. And you chose one of my pet topics for ranting--which you might not know since I've been too busy ranting about politics. I have deep, deep feelings about this issue of appearance and feel as if I've spent far too much of my own life agonizing over this battle--struggling with the issue of whether to fight the culture or just cave in. Losing my breasts helped put it into perspective---but I still struggle. And your comment illustrates the importance of this question not only for us but for our daughters. So thanks for speaking out--and for momentarily distracting me from politics.


Hey Ron, so glad to see your comment. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are enjoying the satisfaction of being part of this incredible victory by deciding to register to VOTE!! Doesn't it feel fantastic???


I cried too.

Hey, finally something you signed up for. Congratulations. We've come a long way, baby.


Seems as if people like you, Duchess, who are overseas, are as thrilled as we are here. Thrilled to see America show its greatest genius as Obama said last night---the ability to change. I think the world is saying exactly what you did---that we've come a long way, baby.


Yes, it felt great to be a part of this magical transformation. I have to admit that while I never for a second considered changing my vote, I was literally the only one in my circle of friends and colleagues that voted for Obama. I have to admit, their concerns are justifiable. Families who earn $250,000 or more (which in most big cities does not make them wealthy by any means) will be paying higher taxes in order to subsidize tax relief for those families earning less. It remains to be seen how Obama is going to structure his programs so that everyone can benefit as the economy recovers.


I too noticed her outfit. And I thought, Why was she wearing such a thing, and then-Wow, thank God she isn't a fashionista. Unfortunately, someone will change her wardrobe for her, soon enough. Let's just hope it's not Hillary's dresser!


I am hoping the detailed dissection of our First Ladies' appearances will be part of the era of Change that is swept in along with the Obama administration.

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