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September 20, 2008


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Great blog today, but I'm writing right now to say that I think I have to name my comments in response to so many of your blogs "I never knew that about you!"

You "knew" Jimmy Carter and met Bill and Al? You looked just like Alli when you were young and have that incredibly cool photo that could have been on the cover of Time magazine? You are such a close friend and yet I wouldn't know so many details without your blog. What a great adventure for me every day!


Amazing with all the time we've spent walking, and talking, as relatively "new" friends we don't know all these "old" stories. It works both ways, as you well know. The difference is that YOU don't have a blog--and I'm older so I have much more material!!
I "knew" Jimmy Carter from TV news, because he campaigned a lot for the Florida primary, which put him on the national map. And each of these pictures is a story in itself, more fodder for future blogs...or one of our walks. Which are the main way I'm getting fresh air these days...

Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

I take except to your treatment of Ronald Reagan. (I have to pick on you once in while.) When you and I were in college together at separate schools, Reagan was Governor of California, which provided a preview of what his administration in Washington would look like. Only our current president prevents Reagan from qualifying as the worst chief executive of my lifetime. The main difference between the Reagan and Bush the Second regimes is that former's "brain trust" contained many more conservative realists and fewer "neoconservative" ideologues than the latter's. Nonetheless, along with the "Tear Down That Wall" speech (he was lucky to have aimed it at Gorbachev rather than at Putin), Reagan gave us Iran Contra, massive firings of air traffic controllers, and a tripling of the national debt, to name just a few of my quarrels with his team. Reagan's handlers were, however, of a higher calibre than those managing Bush, but I forecast that the legacies won't be terribly dissimilar.


I am late to a wedding right now but had to stop and answer this. Later when I have time, I will go back and reread what I wrote-- to find out what I said that could be interpreted as being supportive or complimentary toward President Reagan.

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