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September 02, 2008


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My theory -- such as it is -- has been developed around my love of alcohol. I don't believe I'm an alcoholic, but I do recognize
that there have been times in my life when I feel I'm drinking too much. One such time, when my marriage was ending, I simply stopped
drinking for a year-and-a-half. For the last six months, I've been a little unhappy with my
drinking. It's not that it had escalated, but I wondered at how entrenched my habit was for a
drink every single night (only one). It made me
sleepy if I was by myself, thus screwing up what might have been a great night of reading, for example. Something about writing my blog, and the honesty I'm now exhibiting there (wwww.JosephineCarrWrites.blogspot.com) has had, I believe, a real impact. I'm not drinking at home anymore: I only have a drink if I'm with other people (ie. in a social setting). For the first time, it was a total cinch to stop. I don't even think about it, or yearn for it, or ANYTHING. I wonder whether the act of consciousness -- as in a blog where I'm finally coming out of the closet about being psychic -- has somehow helped. I feel instinctively that it has. I wonder what this says about the nature of addictions...

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