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September 24, 2008


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Another brilliant piece Darryle. I just wish I knew how to reach more Bush/McCain/Palin "cultists" with your clear-headed, right-on-the money assessment of our presidential/vice-presidential choices. It is so frightening to hear so many people who seem to be blindly voting Republican out of "habit" and a self-centered concern for their own financial well-being (Republicans' tendency to be more tax averse). What too many of those people seemingly have not realized yet is that the new Trillion$+ proposal (it even hurts to type that amount) has been necessitated by the egregious missteps of the current administration (including Alan Greenspan) in allowing, almost sanctioning, the irresponsible lending practices of the very institutions that are requiring the taxpayers' to rescue them. By allowing them to offload those flawed assets without some form of "payback" in the form of equity participation once those assets appreciate, will undoubtedly foster the same greedy missteps under a new Republican regime.

As someone who has worked on Wall Street for the last 30 years and, more precisely, has been actively involved in the mortgage business for all those years, I have seen first-hand how Wall Street and the banking community has taken advantage of, and even abused, the American homeowner in a greedy march toward larger and larger profits.

We, as Americans, cannot allow our leaders to provide this unprecedented rescue plan without securing equity participation in return for every American whose hard-earned tax dollars are going to fund that plan.


I just found out that McCain has asked to cancel Friday's debate in order to return to Congress to work on the the Federal bailout plan. I cannot help but feel that he is proposing this as a way to avoid direct contact with Obama in an area that he is clearly going to be outshined and is totally out of his league. In all his years in the Senate, he has not seemed to be in touch with the economy nor too concerned about its current dire straits. He very obviously does not fully comprehend its dynamics or its current state of utter disrepair. This was evidenced by his statement recently that the our economy is "sound". Wow, talk about someone in "la la land" and totally out of touch with Main Street America. Combined with Sarah Palin's apparent order from the top not to conduct any news conferences, the Republicans are very obviously trying to avoid rather than confront what I feel is the most critical issue, the state of the American economy. They seem to be feverishly trying to maintain the momentum that they developed with Sarah's sudden elevation to the national consciousness without doing anything to stunt that momentum. Very scary indeed in a time that we can ill afford such "ostrich-like" behavior.


Ron, your pointed and passionate comments are much appreciated--especially considering your personal expertise regarding the economy. Also because you are using your experience and passion to help influence others. I think as a newly registered voter you make a powerful spokesman for how each of us can make a difference in such an important election. I just hope the public can see McCain's ridiculous attempt to avoid the debate as the transparent gesture and PR stunt that it is.

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