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September 15, 2008


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Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

How does one respond effectively to a cartoon character like Sarah Palin? I convinced that humor is the best weapon. In that vein, "Saturday Night Live" dropped a "nuke" this weekend. Tina Fey did her usual bang-up job with her satirical portrayal of the Alaskan phenom. In fact, the skit reminds me of someone's observation that the sex goddesses of the movie screen are female female impersonators. So Sarah Palin is a self-satire wholly oblivious to the irony of her position. With further exposure to the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, I think that the majority of Americans with good sense will recognize this.


Wasn't Tina Fey fantastic? What I can't understand is why all those that are suddenly so enamored with Sarah Palin do not see the same thing that I see: That Sarah Palin, like Dubya, is yet another parody-in-waiting who is totally out of her league and has the potential to be yet another embarrassment for this country for the next four years. For me, that is just as scary as a John McCain presidency because she would be just a heartbeat away from perpetuating our Bush (x2) legacy.


Totally agree with both of you, Tina Fey nailed her. I wish Tina would take her act and play it all over the country--and get people to laugh at this whole thing. If only it were a joke in real life.
Unfortunately, we have definitely seen this movie--comedy---before. Let's just hope enough people can see the light BEFORE the election.

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