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July 13, 2008


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We would walk in your honor everyday if we could! This year was a bit hard w/ the girls but next year, count on us again.. Ellie & Marin will be big enough to walk in honor of their GREAT aunt D!


Having 6-month old twins, I am flattered and very impressed that you are ORGANIZED enough to be reading my blog at 9 a.m.!
Miss you and cannot wait to see those delicious babies in person.
Love, Aunt D

Deborah Rothman

I just LOVE your writing voice--it is just so Darryle!! Now I miss you more than ever, piqued by the faux-intimacy of your blog.

It's so funny that I opened this one when I got home from dinner with some friends. I had been all set to skip dessert--but the waiter surreptitiously dropped discrete little dessert menus at each of our places when we were busy yacking. Something naughty made me look it over--perhaps the belief that my virtue would be enhanced by mentally tasting each offering and still declining. And then I saw it--hot fudge sundae with three scoops of ice cream. Although my friends know by now that I don't share dessert, I ordered the large sundae and told the waiter to bring spoons for the whole table--still pretending I was just going to have a taste.

Well, like you with the "Bensons", my friend Vickie and I didn't politely move the huge sundae to the center of the table so the others could reach it. On the contrary, we pitilessly ignored them completely, rhythmically taking turns scooping huge gobs into our maws. My only act of charity came when I got to the end of the sundae; I could easily have filled up my spoon with every last molecule of hot fudge, ice cream and whipped cream, now melded together into what we chocoholics know is the very best bite of all, the last bite. But I could feel Vickie's eyes trying to pierce the top of my head, which was facing her as I busily scraped the last tasty bits from the sides of the sundae bowl into one final gigantic spoonful, trying to suppress the urge to lift and tip it into my mouth; they were imploring me to share. And for some unknown reason, I did! I am so damn PROUD of myself because, like you, I love my children only slightly more than I love hot fudge sundaes.

Keep 'em coming!!!

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