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July 20, 2008


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Deborah Rothman

This one helps me identify your unique place in my life, and here's how. I laughed out loud when I got to the Neiman Marcus punchline, and immediately wondered who I should share this one with--it's too good to be kept to myself. But as I did a mental roll call of my friends and relatives, I couldn't think of anyone. Sure, I have my Neiman Marcus-y friends, but they don't purport to be interested in anything as time- , brain- and energy-intensive as blogging. And I have my blogging-type friends, but they wouldn't be tickled by the punchline. Whether I'm right about my friends' interest, or lack thereof, is less important than this: You are sui generis in my life, and I love what you bring to the party.


Deborah--you are the best--for this comment which I hugely appreciate---and for the other ones especially the story on the hot fudge sundae. I only have to ask one thing since unlike you, I don't have a law degree: what is sui generis??? Is that some kind of dessert I should know about????

Deborah Rothman

"Sui generis" means "unique or occupying a class of its own." Which is why I used that phrase to describe you and your place in my life. I think its second meaning is "a variation on the traditional crepe suzette, in which a light pancake is sprinkled with sugar, doused with Grand Marnier and lit afire; to include, without limitation, any kind of pastry on which are layered two or more toppings, e.g., a chocolate walnut brownie topped with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and walnuts in syrup."


Your comments are so brilliant I think you need to start your own blog!!

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