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October 03, 2008


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Daniel sounds really special. However, I think a moderate amount of anger in this case seems appropriate. Perhaps a better word to describe our current feelings is a sense of utter frustration in not being able to understand how others cannot see what we see so clearly: that the prospect of a McCain/Palin presidency is a very scary prospect in that neither seems to be even marginally competent to effectively lead this nation to a better place. Yes, I think we should all be more tolerant of those whose views we may not be necessarily in total concert with. But for myself, I cannot to seem to escape the tendency to make those differences seem insurmountable.


Well, jeeze, just when I was feeling that we shared a similar bitchihoodness, you're gonna go all Pollyanna on me. Please say it ain't so....


Utter frustration? Yes. Pollyanna? Never.
Stay tuned...

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